Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Tribute to Miss Elena M Cooke

I can almost see her now, in her favourite turquoise-green silk dress, heels click-clacking as she marches through the pearly gates, heading straight for the throne room.  She beams as she sees Jesus, with that trademark sparkle in her eyes, as He says; "Well done Elena, thou good and faithful servant."

Our dear Miss Cooke has gone home to be with the Lord and is resting securely in His beloved arms.  We will miss her but her legacy of love and "seeking nothing but the best" lives on in the hearts of all BBGSians who have been touched by her.

I leave you with these inspiring words from Miss Cooke, which have been the guiding light for this blog since its inception. 

"Girls of BBGS - you have a rich heritage. I challenge you to live a wholesome, vibrant life totally committed to giving nothing less than your best while always remembering our school motto - Nisi Dominus Frustra. Without God all is in vain"

For information about the memorial and funeral services:

Read about Miss Cooke's achievements as Headmistress of BBGS:

Read about Miss Cooke's school days, in her own words:

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CIK ROSE said...

U picked an excellent quote from our beloved Ms Cooke. She always taught us (no matter what race, religion, creed) that we: then- girls, now-women, can achieve so much if we set our minds to it. God Bless you dearest Ms Cooke. I am always proud to say that I was from BBGS! Rozita Abu, finished form 5 in 1979