Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Toilet Cleaning in BBGS

An article from the 1985 School Magazine by Yew Su Fong of 2S

"OK, Siew Ling and Shireen, it's your turn to clean the toilet."

Toilet cleaning is an everyday affair in BBGS and only the lucky prefects can escape this unpleasant task. Most of us groan and grumble when it's our turn to clean the toilet but there are some who say that they enjoy it. I for one do!

Toilet cleaning can be loads of fun. The first step is to collect lots of water. We have to wait for ages by the stand-pipe near Prouse Wing B because of the water shortage. The next step is to scrub and scrub the pink mosaic floor and the toilet bowl until it is sparkling clean. This part can be quite dangerous because if you are not careful, you can find yourself sitting down on the floor as it is quite slippery. Lastly, start flooding the toilet. Watch out or else you'll get wet! Also don't forget to clean the bin.

Now comes the nice part. Take a step back and see what a good job you have done. You probably feel hot and bothered but it is worth it. It's even better when your class wins the Toilet Cleanliness shield.

Toilet cleaning isn't that bad really.

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