Monday, 21 February 2011

Food Sale Menu

Don't these images remind you of our school food sales? All the Chinese New Year feasting over the last few weeks has set me thinking about the culinary delights we used to conjure up during our schooldays. We learnt so much during those annual foodsales: cooking, sanitary handling of food (I hope!), entrepreneurial skills - it's a wonder I haven't blogged more about this most unique of BBGS experiences!

In order to remedy that, I asked a simple question on Facebook and was overwhelmed by responses received in less than 24 hours. Here's what the girls had to say...
Calling all BB girls!! Does anyone remember what we had on our food sale menus?

Joanna: Toasted sardine and sambal ikan bilis sandwiches

Siew Ling: Ice Kacang, Rojak

Moira: I used to sell pulut panggang during food sales

Wanazlina: Toffee apples, watermelon juice with watermelon balls (that was my specialty!, bee hoon/mee goreng...hmmm...

Lee Chin: I have sold donusts with ubi kledek fillings

Suet Poh: There was trifle, sardine sandwiches, I think sambal sandwiches as well, fresh from the sandwich toaster

Oi Peng: Home made coconut candies

Adeline: I only remember the cordial coz I always made sure I'm in charge of that as it was the easiest to serve. Hah!

Sandra: I think there were sandwiches and also soft drinks and floats :P

Elizabeth: YES! I always made Rojak! Those pineapples were a killer to peel.

Vasanthi: I remember the sambal ikan bilis toasted sandwich

Lu Meng: Got sell keropok? I'm pretty sure we had cincau and rose syrup with selasih...those frog spawn looking thingy

Selina: Waffles and ice kacang!

Ida: Pretty sure we had something we need to deep fry. I remember being incharge of the fire and ended up burning the whole plastic bag with the kerosene in it.

Lu Meng: Goreng pisang?

Ida: Seriously can't remember...the trauma of burning the plastic bag is just so vivid in my memory that everything else pales into insignificance

Sharon: Cupcakes and cookies...

Mei Hwa: I remember those sardine sandwiches that were rolled up and dipped into egg batter and deep fried. Also waffles made in sandwich toasters served with jam/syrup. There was alwasys coconut candy, the pink and green ones. Ooh la la

Jade: Tau foo fah! Remember we made a mess of scooping it out. Apparently there's an art to it.

Jeannette: Air bandung and popcorn

So what else do you girls remember about the food sale menu? Share your comments!

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