Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Candle 35: Seto Wai Ling & Chang Wai Fun

What happens when a classmate you haven't seen in 22 years announces on Facebook that she's stopping by Singapore? You happily round up other BBGSians and have a mini-reunion of course!

(L-R) Lu Meng, Seto Wai Ling, Joanna & Chang Wai Fun having dinner at Cedele in Wheelock Place

This evening, I had the pleasure of catching up with Seto Wai Ling and Chang Wai Fun, another 2 schoolmates from the Class of 1987. As expected, we repeated our life stories, recalled silly school stories, caught up on the goss about fellow classmates and teachers and it was a barrel of FUN! When we meet Lu Meng, we'll always get the drama story, the hockey story, the "all American girl" story...in that order...we missed the Naimah one this time, though...you're losing your touch girl :-) We'll definitely be meeting up again after Chinese New Year (once I get my act together and actually start planning a reunion for Singapore-based BBGSians)

Seto Wai Ling arrived in BBGS in Form 4 as a minor celebrity, having won national chess championships. She studied Economics & Philosophy in NUS before accompanying her husband to MIT in Boston. There, she threw herself into Japanese language studies while enjoying the myriad activities that MIT had to offer. She currently resides in Melbourne and calls herself a "professional student".

Patricia Chang Wai Fun was THE Mathematics wizard in my year, sweeping all the prizes while I could barely understand my dy/dx. Not surprisingly, she went on to study Actuarial Science in Canada and is now the CFO of a large insurance company. She has also worked in China & Indonesia and currently resides in Singapore with her family.


kwanghui said...

Hi - I'm Seto's husband and had a great time reading your post. To learn more about our adventures pop by our webpage at http://kwanghuiseto.com
Happy New Year!

Moonlake Lee said...

Hey great to know there is another BBGSian in Singapore. I remember Chang Wai Fun ;)

Suji said...

Gosh, I remember Seto too! As young as I was then :) Glad to hear of your reunion and fun adventures Joanna!

Joanna Yeoh said...

Moon, just found out from Lu Meng that there are at least another 6 BBGSians from my year in Singapore. We need to get that reunion going soon...any suggestions on venue to house 10-15sophisticated but noisy ladies? :-)