Thursday, 12 November 2009

Candle 32: Ida Mok

With the large numbers of BBGSians residing in Melbourne, it almost feels like home! Today, I had a mini-reunion with a few of them at Westfield Shopping Centre in Doncaster. We chatted and laughed ourselves silly over a few lattes and sandwiches at Jones the Grocer.

Ida Mok from the Class of 1988 is as effervescent as ever. I remember her as the school photographer and she remembers me as the School Captain who gave her two offence slips! She was quite a comedian in school and that hasn't changed. It was a laugh-a-minute with her around, and the hours just slipped by.

Ida read and practised Law in England before moving to Australia with her family two years ago. She now runs a successful service business from home, while caring for her two boys: Ethan and Caleb. She credits the BBGS for inculcating a sense of integrity and humility, and is now passing on the values to her kids by making them memorise the school song and wash toilets! :-)

She's chosen to focus on bringing up her kids instead of a career because that's what's important for now. Good on you, girl!

Ida struggling valiantly with 2-year old Caleb whom she affectionately calls
Ho-sama (her little terrorist)

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beary nice said...

way to go, Joanna! You are really connecting the dots in the world...! Thanks! It's been ages since I last saw Ida and here she is with her little terrors ;)