Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What's happening? Who's coming?

Can you smell the excitement in the air? I can! Judging from the questions that have been pouring in regarding the 4 August event, we're on a roll. The Organising Committee have been kind enough to share some answers from behind the scenes:

What's the response so far?
It's hot, hot, hot! Since the press release, the event has been gaining momentum. Our hotline is running hot, tickets are being sold, cash donations are being pledged. We are expecting over 1000 teachers, students, friends and family. We're expecting you too!

Who's coming?

A sneak preview of BBGS teachers who have accepted the invitation to 4 August include:

Miss Yeap Gaik Khoon - Miss Moey Yoke Lai - Mrs Junie Simon - Miss Yeo Kim Eng - Mrs Laura Abraham - Mrs Thanen - Mrs Guru - Mrs Kylas - Mrs Betty Wong - Pn Sharifah - Mrs Tay Kong Hiap - Mrs Chia Phooi Lan - Mrs Choe Ling - Mrs Chew Ah Chuan - Mrs Helen Tan - Mrs Chong Cheong Yin - Miss Tham Mee Fong - Mrs Yeoh Shing Choo - Pn Che Su - Pn Rashimah and many more!

Even the drink stall Aunty and jaga's family have been found and are coming! What about you??

I live overseas. Could you please post photos and videos of the event?
Of course we will. Look out for the event photos/videos on our Facebook events page and this blog.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We would appreciate it if people could confirm their attendance and make payment before the event so that we will know the actual numbers of people to cater for. However if people do turn up on the day of the event and want to get additional vouchers and they are still available, we will not turn them away.

Please call Khim
( or 017-871 9357) for tickets now!

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