Monday, 12 January 2009

Candle 1: Harrietta Munap

One week after the launch of Project Kindle, the first candle has been lit by Harrietta Munap - class of 1987. GO Harrie!!

Hey Jo,
Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fatt Chai in advance. Excellent job on the blog. My hubby is extremely impressed that we BBGSians actually have our own blog. Even my mom thinks that the school that she is currently teaching in should have a blog like ours. Heh...heh...I am truly proud to be a BBian. Anyway, was browsing through some of our old photos and found this...

Remember the day when we got into Lower Six? How our seniors had a field day "ragging" us. Anyway, I have attached a hilarious of you and me...face all plastered with 'bedak sejuk" (dunno how you got away with it..) singing "Bengawansolo" if not mistaken. Boy were we on the roll or what... WILD CHICKS RULE!!! Oh, lucky you again.... got away with the crazy hairdo coz you had short hair. Check out Mun Sze's, Choy Chiew Ling's and my hair do... we looked so "FUNKY!!!" Hee...hee... Well those good old days.

[Joanna says: ICK...that's not me...blush]

Oh here's another picture of all of us the day after we won the Chorus Speaking competition in 1989.... remember that? It was excellent. I clearly remember our finale when we sang "We did it our way.... BBGS, our alma mater...We salute you!!!" was a tear jerking moment. Could see tears in our teachers' eyes and as soon as I got off stage, I too broke into tears knowing for a fact that at the end of our school term, we would no longer be in the comfort zone of our school. The younglings have now grown and must brave a whole new world alone. But I know the sweet memories of BBGS will always linger in my mind.

Well you take care and keep in touch. Looking forward to any events you will be organizing. Let me know if you need a hand in anything ya?


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