Sunday, 14 September 2008

Nostalgic images

Thanks to the generosity of Salmi Azira and her sisters, we have more old photos of the school! I'm especially pleased with photos of the Junior Library and the Prefects' Room (which was my home away from home for too many years). We just love the nostalgia don't we?

Do keep sending in more photos and stories, and together we can keep the memories flowing and our spirits soaring!

Office Block & Clinic Block

Junior Library & Staff Room

Dear Joanna,

I enjoy reading your blog at
Recently, I flipped through my old photo album and found these pictures.
These pictures were taken in 1998-1999. I thought of sharing it with you :)

Thank you.

Salmi Azira (Batch 1998)

and sisters
Salmi Azrina (Batch 1992)
Salmi Azuriza (Batch 2000)
Salmi Azuhani (Batch 2006)

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