Friday, 18 April 2008

Hawker delights

"Joanna, do you remember the uncle who used to sell chee cheong fun on his motorbike? I really miss the fishballs and soup." - A Reader

I most certainly do! He used to park his motorbike at the exit gate of the primary school field, together with a small group of hawkers. I was one of the regular customers, especially when I waited for a lift home from my mum after staying back in school (as prefects often do)

One evening, I was tucking into my plate of chee cheong fun when someone yelled "Bandaraya lei lor!" All the hawkers started to pack up, including the CCF uncle. He jumped on his bike and drove off, leaving me eating my chee cheong fun all alone! A little later, a primary girl came by and asked me "Mana beli?" because there wasn't a single hawker in sight. Hahahaha....

What were some of the other hawker delights we loved to buy? I remember:-
  • Kacang putih
  • Guava (+ assam)
  • Pineapple/Sengkuang with peanuts and red sauce on a toothpick
  • Cincau & selasih drinks
  • Ice cream sandwich (I loved those!)
  • Ice cream cone dipped in crushed peanuts
  • All sorts of tidbits
  • That gummy thingy (probably toxic) that we squeezed out of a tube and blew big bubbles from
  • Colourful rubber bands to make ropes to play "high jump"

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