Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Coconut candy for food sales

As a child, I used to visit BBGS fun fairs with my mother. My favourite thing in the world then was the pink coconut candy sold in little paper baskets! It was only much later that I learnt that these delightful pink squares are a BBGS institution. They have been made and sold by generations of BBGSians at fun fairs and food sales since the 1950s.

In fact, we made it one of our signature offerings at the KL Schools Entrepreneurs Expo in 1985. It was so popular that even Dr Mahathir stopped to buy some when he opened the Expo. I witnessed it with my own eyes and even managed to get a quote from the VIP for the School Magazine. What a coup for a 15-year old!

What did our esteemed PM have to say? "It's very nice and you girls did a good job!"

My mum taught me to make these candies many years ago. This is a sample recipe that I found which closely resembles the BBGS version. Enjoy!

350 gm. grated white coconut
500 gm. coarse sugar
170 gm. evaporated milk
50 gm. Butter
1 tsp. vanilla essencea few drops of pink food colouring or any colour of your choice

(1) Place all the ingrediens (except butter)together into a heavy saucepan and stir continously over heat until sugar dissolves.
(2) Add in butter and continue stirring until mixture thickens.
(3) Pour thickened mixture into a greased 9" square tray and press till the surface is even. Leave to set and cool.
(4) When slightly cool, cut into squares. When completely cooled to room temperature, store in airtight containers.

*Note: Do not wait until completely cooled then cut into squares, the candy will break into pieces.


Yuz said...

Hi Joanna,
Its me Yang Fairuz. I stumbled upon this blog through facebook. Anyways, haven't had the chance to really read all the posts, but had to drop a comment for this particular post. Thanks for the recipe, will definitely try it with my daughters.
Do you happen to also have Mrs. Aziz's rock cookies recipe?

Joanna Yeoh said...

So good to hear from you Yang Fairuz. Do let me know how your candies turn out...cheers!