Monday, 30 July 2007

Our School Grounds

Driving past Jalan Bukit Bintang last week, I felt a sense of great loss at not seeing our beautiful school.

I miss seeing Office Block & Clinic Block...
I miss the palm trees...
I miss the manicured lawns...
I miss hearing the sound of the school bell ringing...

So I started combing through pages of old school magazines searching for a reminder. It wasn't long before my eyes settled on this old familiar photo of BBGS. How many times have we seen this picture of the school? It's almost a cliche.

And yet looking at it, I'm comforted and happy again...for now.


Unknown said...

Its sad to see BBGS no more. But memories will live on through the BBGSians who are scattered around the globe. BBGS will live in our hearts and our souls.Nobody can take that away.

Unknown said...

This page is dedicated to my friends who made my BBGS days the best moments of my life. I hope to meet with them soon and walk down memory lane together. Those wonderful days during English Drama society.......Still remember "The Three Musketeers" play!!!!
- Sheila Selvarasan
- Nora Zetty
- Goh Tsui Kim
- Kasthoory Rajalingam
- Yusrina Aleia
- Shalini Kanagasingam
- Patricia Nalini
- Tan May Suan
- Shiromi de Silva
BBGS, we pledge to thee.......