Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Malaysia Berjaya

In the mid 1980s, a wave of patriotism (aided by a directive from the Ministry of Education) swept through the school and we started every morning session with a rendering of "Negaraku" and "Malaysia Berjaya". Today, I thought it would be apt to share lyrics of the song we sang on so many mornings.

Happy 54th Birthday Malaysia!

Listen to the song on You Tube:

Malaysia kita sudah berjaya

Aman makmur bahagia

Malaysia abadi selamanya

Berjaya dan berjaya

Berbagai kaum sudah berikrar

Menuju cita-cita

Satu bangsa satu negara

Malaysia berjaya

Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah

Kita sudah merdeka

Negara makmur rakyat mewah

Kita sudah berjaya

Dengan semboyan kita berjaya

Gemuruh ke angkasa

Satu bangsa satu negara

Malaysia berjaya

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