Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bubbly Bunch @ Modestos SG

Reporting another Singapore reunion last weekend on 20th August at Modesto's Orchard Road, where we welcomed two more long-lost BBGSians to the fold - Shelly Lim from the Class of 1986 and Gong Siok Chu from Class of 1987! And not forgetting our beautiful be-wigged Poesy Liang who joined us fresh from her Bald Empathy adventures. The regular crowd included Tan Lu Meng, Patricia Chang, Lee Kiew Puan and yours truly from Class of 1987, and Moonlake Lee from Class of 1986.

The obligatory group photo taken by an obliging (despite being coerced) Modesto's waiter

(L-R) The purple-wigged Poesy, Joanna, Lu Meng & Siok Chu

As for the stories... yes...Lu Meng told the Hockey and Bintang 3 drama stories again! Siok Chu contributed a new story about how we were passing sweets around the class during lesson time (a big no! no!) and while everyone just popped it into their mouths to consume the evidence as quickly as possible, Kiew Puan, the model student, tucked it into her handkerchief and kept it in her pocket till recess time! :-D

Standing (L-R): Siok Chu and Lu Meng, Seated (L-R) Patricia, Kiew Puan and her little girl

(L-R): Shelly, Lu Meng & Moonlake

We spent quite some time brainstorming ideas for our next reunion. Ideas included a barbecue at Joanna's, picnic at the Botanic Gardens, sunset cruise on a yacht and a Botox party! And no, the last idea didn't emerge from a drunken stupor as we were only drinking ginger beer. We'll definitely keep you all posted on the next reunion.

Photos courtesy of Jaclyn Tan Lu Meng

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