Friday, 9 May 2008

Happy days are here again

The Class of 88 held a historic reunion on April 12, 2008 and had a wonderful time!

Here's a post-reunion review by some of the most die-hard Facebook users amongst that batch.

Spoiler Warning: We're still awaiting the official story & photos from Belle Lee so please consider this a preview of better things to come.

Joanna asks:
Hi girls, I'm after a story for the blog. And I'm dying to hear what you girls loved best about the reunion. Now that the excitement has settled a little, what are the key memories that stand out? How has that ch
anged your perspectives?

Adeline Hwei-Li Chen replies:

Let's see....
  1. The ease with which we fell back to 'school days mode'. It was really like we just parted yesterday. There were no pretenses or comparisons (who's got bigger cars, better homes, richer husbands, etc.). Heck, some of us have known each other since Std 1 (that's 30 years!) and anyone coming with a fake Aussie accent would probably have gotten 20 whacks on the head!
  2. The joy of reminiscing - different people remembered different incidents, so it was really great to have our memories jogged with things we used to do/got into trouble with!
  3. Amazed that Mrs. Simon, Ms. Yeap and Ms. Li's dress code were STILL THE SAME as 20 years ago!!!! Gosh. Erm, maybe Ms. Li was minus the shoulder pads......?
  4. The joy of knowing that in that room, we all 'belonged' and there were no 'outsiders'.
But the incident that will stay with me for a long time was when we sang the school song at the end of the event. After 20 years, we all sang the song in unison, remembered all the highs and lows and loud and soft parts. We were all really proud of our school song! I never thought I'll be able to sing our school song in a group like that again.

Noorain Mohidin replies:

As a committee member...for me it all started from getting the girls to come to the reunion. so many kinds of responses. But in the Adeline wrote....everyone felt just like when we were in BBGS.

Singing the school song was really something. From the start to the end....everybody sang. and everybody sang it out loud. I think some cried.

Having Ms Yeap going around and happily hugging most of us. And most of us willingly....hugging Ms Yeap!!!! and one or two cried while doing that.

Looking at the faces...gawking...when they saw the teachers dancing. And screaming excitedly while the teachers were entertaining us. Some were jumping up and down and some were grinning non stop.

Ho Suet Poh replies:

It wasn't the only best thing for me, it is the accumulation of what I experienced that makes it worth it all.

1) To see that we girls moved beyond boundaries of class categorization, almost everyone remembers someone from some class..:). It didn't matter that we were, the rules benders, mild terrorists to both teachers and prefects.:D or because we were prefects. Everyone was thrilled to connect and reconnect.

2) Even if we didn't or weren't sure who the other party was,(20 years.. some of us really looked different, and some of us are different) knowing the fact that we came from the same school was good enough.

3) Singing the School song, reaffirms the fact that, the School may be physically gone, rehashed into something else, the heart and the pride of being a part of a BBGS girl will always make each and everyone of us

4) The icing on top of the cake, seeing the teachers after 20 years was something soooo unexpected and heart warming. It didn't matter that some of us may not be remembered but I was definitely touched by the fact that they turned up to be with us.

Shiew Yih Lim replies:

It was really good to meet up again after so many years. One poem someone SMS me describes much of what, I think many will agree and find meaningful

Age appears best in some things.
Old wood, best to burn,
Old authors, best to read,
Old wine, best to drink, and
Old friends, BEST TO KEEP!!

Belle Luer replies:

I loved that everyone came together and played full out, it was heartwarming to see girls from different classes and backgrounds mixing so freely and willingly. We were initially only expecting around 50 gals to show up but more than 100 came!

I loved that after 20 years the teachers still looked the same but this time they were more like our friends than they were teachers to be feared! I loved seeing everyone looking so young and gorgeous, I don't know what it is about the Class of 88 but you guys are so well preserved lah...

I'm sure I speak for the committee when i say that watching the delight and joy on everyone's faces that night paid off for every single minute and effort spent on the event.

I hope everyone continues to keep in touch with each other and who knows we might not have to wait another 10 years for another big reunion :)

P/S Who would've thought that one day we would get so emotional singing our school song, back then we sang it like emotionless robots


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