Monday, 19 November 2007

How is Mrs Yeoh? a question I'm asked often by readers of this blog. Being "Mrs Yeoh's daughter" in primary school was akin to being a minor celebrity, and the label used to amuse me greatly. Today, I stand proud in recognition that my mum, Mrs Yeoh Shing Choo made a huge impact on the lives of many BBGSians who remember her fondly. She greets you here in her own words...

Hi there!

It looks as though I have faded from the radar so let me "appear "again, through my daughter, Joanna. God has been good to both Roland and I . Since transferring from SRKP Bukit Bintang (2) by choice in 1990, I have lived in Penang. I taught in a primary school, SK Minden Heights, till the end of 1998 before retiring. Roland, my husband of 38 years, and I now live in a condominium in Sg. Ara.

We have, by token of our girls' support and love, visited Australia, England, Europe and the USA. I now tutor Chinese-school-going children in the English Language. In the very near future, I shall be helping some young people from my church to communicate in good English. I really enjoy what I am doing.

My favourite hobby is cross-stitch embroidery. I have been churning out assignments requested by Joanna and Juliana. My love for this craft dates back to my BBGS schooldays when it was taught by the fearsome Miss Too. We had to embroider a tray-cloth as part for our Art Paper for LCE (PMR now). "Never use red and purple together!" were the strict instructions from Miss Too. Woe betide the girl who forgot! The whole piece of lovely work had to be unpicked and done again to the approval of Miss Too. It really made our blood pressure hit the roof - only at that time, as 15-year olds, we did not realise it. I recollect that my piece of Art work that year was not returned to me. I believe, to this day, that Miss Too kept it for posterity.

In retrospect, I am truly grateful that in the sunset years of my life, I can still do what many are unable to. Thank you BBGS!

My love and best wishes to all, Mrs S.C. Yeoh nee Chong Shing Choo (Class of 1961)


Deborah said...

Nice to read from Mrs Yeoh! Yes, you are fondly remembered, and truly your discipline has made a postive diffrence in my life ;)
Hweei Sien, writing from HK

Po Li Loo said...

Mrs. Yeoh! This is Loo Po Li. It's so great to hear that you're doing well. I married a Penang boy and visit Penang whenever I'm back in Malaysia. Right now, I'm living in the US. I should try looking you up next time I'm back. His parents live in the Island Glades area.

I still remember when you drove my brother and I to school as a favor to my parents, who were touring Europe or something. As a 6-year-old, I didn't really know what to do with myself, being in a teacher's car. I'm glad you did it, though, cos otherwise I would've been really bored at home.

Unknown said...

Dear, dear Mrs. Yeoh... I truly hope you receive this mail from me...over the years..I have had a handful of teachers and lecturers who made such a big impact in my life..and you are one of a few who stood out.

Thanks to you...I actually started liking Geography and had a better respect for teachers and what my mom had to go thru everyday, just as you did.
My dad Dato' Mokhtar Omar and My mom_Datin Orchid Abdullah who was on the PIBG at that time is well... although he is a diabetic and my mom was diagnosed with high blood.
as for me..I was married with 2 children of my own- a boy and a girl... the joy of my life and the bane of my existence.

Mrs. Yeoh..thank you for being you...I hope my children have the chance to meet teachers like you and my mom in their school.
Sheena MOkhtar.

Unknown said...

I have just watched a video clip about a great teacher and immediately my thought went looking for you... Without wasting time, I Googled for Mrs.Yeoh Minden Height and landed in this page... I must be lucky to read your words after all this years... Not sure if you remember me, but I can't forget you... I have to thank god for bringing you to Penang and teach us Moral and English... When some teachers gave up on me, your excellent motivational stories had kept me going... Today, I'm a successful engineer, married and have a wonderful 2 year old son... You continue teaching my younger sister Banu at SKMH and she is now about to complete her PHD in engineering... Both of us and my family owe you big time... My only regret is that I never looked for you sooner... I'm also staying in Sg.Ara all this while but never had the chance to meet you personally... I sincerely wish you or your daughters will contact me soon...

Thanks and god bless you,
Prakash Poobalan