Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Joanna Yeoh

Name: Joanna Yeoh Kui Pheng

Current Position: Leadership & Organizational Development practitioner/consultant

Current Base: Singapore
Education: B. Economics Hons (Uni of Malaya), MBA (Uni of Birmingham, UK)
Years at BBGS: Std 1 (1977) - Upp 6 (1989)
House: Cooke House
Positions held: School Captain (1989), Editor of School Magazine (1987), Patrol Leader of 32nd KL Girl Guides Company (1987), Vice Captain of Cooke House (1987)

Best Memories include:
  • Winning Choral Speaking Competition in Form 1, and repeating the feat in Forms 2, 3 & Upper 6
  • Successfully publishing the 1987 School Magazine with the first colour photo spread in a decade
  • Winning the "Best Actress Prize" in Form 3 for playing the role of "Bintang Tiga"- a Communist leader!
  • Successfully organizing large-scale events ranging from Food Sales to Teachers' Day to Chess Competitions
  • Singing the Animal Farm theme song to the tune of "O my darling Clementine" or "La Cucaracha"in Mrs Abraham's English class
  • Playing goalkeeper in the infamous 3C1 vs 3K hockey match and losing only 0-1, despite 3C1 girls not knowing the back from the front of their hockey sticks (!); and 3K having more than 3 school hockey players on their team

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