Monday, 3 September 2012

Sailing around Singapore

Last Saturday afternoon on 1 September 2012, sixteen BBGSians boarded a yacht at One Degree Fifteen Marina at Sentosa for a reunion with a difference.  Thanks to the brilliant organization of Patricia Chang (hip hip hooray!), the Class of 1987 had a wonderful 25th anniversary and were fortunate enough to have the company of other BBGSians living in Singapore.

There was no talk of diamonds, boob jobs or investment banker husbands.   Just plenty of genuine laughter and unfettered delight in each other's company on board a rented yacht.  This is exactly how 25th year school reunions should be celebrated.

Ladies, I salute you!


Quotes from the girls:

"It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you all for reminding me how fortunate I was to be at this school and to have grown up with you." - Tomasina Oh

"Good fun.  My spirits lifted just being with you girls for one afternoon!  Energized to face the daily grind. We must meet more often." - Jeninder Kaur Gill

"Let's not wait another 25 years!  What a blast.  Could have yakked for another 4 hours." - Chen May Yee

"Had a really good yacht outing with BBGSians today. The experience was priceless and I will remember this event for the rest of my life."  - Patricia Chang

Xiao Ling - our very own yacht. For four hours only lah!

All aboard for a sun-soaked bubbly reunion

Lu Meng, Tomasina and Joanna chatting on the deck

Our very own HOT MAMAS - May Yee and Jeninder

From L-R:
1. Sweetest choral speaking conductor
2. Prefect.. Vice Captain.. School Captain
3. Superb portrait artist

4. Model rule-abiding BBGS student
5. Kongsi Gelap gang
6. Maths extraordinaire (kneeling)

Photo caption courtesy of Tan Lu Meng 

Spice Girls from Class of 1987
(Standing L-R) Joanna, Siok Chu
(Sitting L-R) Lu Meng, Patricia, Yee Git

Spicier Girls - Jessica, Melina & Moonlake

Cyndee & Joanne

School Captain passing out champagne. the mighty have fallen, or rather, have grown up.  CHEERS!

Beautiful cupcake presentation by Elis Chan (Class of 1995)

True to form, BBGSians cleaned up as the yacht was docking.  The crew rushed in saying "It's ok, we will clean!", to which I replied "It's alright, we are from BBGS."

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