Thursday, 24 March 2011

Updates on Miss Yeap's condition

Please note that these updates are taken from the BBGS OGA website, and have been verified with members of Miss Yeap's immediate family.

UPDATE: 25 March (Friday), 10am
Good news! Miss Yeap is now recuperating and starting physiotherapy treatment in an extended care hospital in Shah Alam.

Venue: Room 95, Columbia Asia Extended Care Hospital, Lot 2, Jalan Baung, Shah Alam, Selangor

Visiting Hours: 7am - 9pm

Request: In order not to tax Miss Yeap's energy at this time, please go in a group and keep your visit short. Try not to ask Miss Yeap if she can recognise as it will put a strain on her memory. Simply identify yourself by telling Miss Yeap your name and the class you were in. Be positive! :-)

UPDATE: 4 March (Friday), 11.10 pm
Praise God that He has answered all our prayers for Miss Yeap. This morning, she was finally transferred out of ICU to the ward and was able to recognise her family members. However, Miss Yeap is still on antibiotics and has a tube in her throat so she is not able to talk yet.

The OGA will arrange to send a bouquet of flowers to Miss Yeap first. We will let you know when she is ready for visitors.

UPDATE: 17 FEB 2011 (THURS), 7.00 pm
Still having problem getting her breathing properly - she's not getting ideal levels of oxygen. Lots of phlegm that needs to be cleared - they've put her on medication for that. Heat is stable, as is BP. Eyes open every now and again, but she's not conscious enough for recognition nor speech. Still in ICU. Not shifted to ward yet.—Mei-Lyn, grandniece of Miss Yeap.

UPDATE: 8 FEB 2011 (TUES), 2.15pm
So excited to share this sms from Miss Yeap's grandniece, Mei-Lyn: “Encouraging news! They’re weaning her off the ventilator. She’s breathing on her own! 2hrs at a time so less stress to body, but still great news I think!”

This email, addressed to BBGSians, is written by Miss Yeap's grand-niece who has been staying with her.

My name is Mei Lyn and I'm Ms Yeap's grand niece. Thank you all forall your kind thoughts, comments and fervent prayers. We are all trying to stay positive about the whole situation.My grand aunt has yet to regain full consciousness, but the doctors say that upon prompting, she opens her eyes briefly and can process simple commands, so they are very positive about the condition of her brain.

However, her body is not handling the stress of surgery well, and there are some complications with her heart & BP. She is being treatedfor that by a cardio, and was previously sedated again to stabilise. Today, they performed a minor procedure to insert a tube into the throat for better hookup to the ventilator. The procedure went smoothly, and she is resting again in ICU.

Thank you all for not insisting on visiting her in ICU. It is very obvious that she is much beloved. However, even the family has received stern advice from the doctors & nurses about the ease of infection, and how we all carry pathogens. She is so very vulnerable right now. I've heard that there is a lot of information flying about from various sources. Unfortunately, from one hand to the next, some are in danger of creating panic, etc. We are unable to curtail the spread of information, but we fear the spread of less than accurate details. Luckily Sow Yoong, has been more than considerate and checks with us to help correct the details.

Please don't rush to the hospital. We thank you for the flood of concern, but please do understand the need for a clean environment. Right now, she's sedated from today's procedure, stable but still on the critical list in ICU.

All prayers/positive energy/good thoughts are deeply appreciated.

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