Monday, 19 July 2010

School Rules - Part 1

Here's an image that is bound to send shivers down many a spine.'s the BBGS School Rules Book!

Strange creature that I am, this familiar green book sent me into spasms of delight because I used to memorise its contents, and have been hunting high and low for it since the blog began. Thanks to Poh Ching Suan (Class of 1985), this "ancient relic" is now available in digital format and will be shared on this blog as a series of posts.

Love it or hate it, we can't deny that it played a big part in how we chose to behave (or not!) during our BBGS years. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me, as we journey through the yellowed pages of the BBGS School Rules book.

School Hours
Our school hours are as follows:-

Forms 1 & 2 1.20 p.m. - 6. 15 p.m.
Forms 3 - 6 7.30 a.m. -1.10 p.m.

All pupils should be in school at least 5 minutes before the bell.

Girls from Forms One & Two should try not to come to school too early as the older girls are still in session. All afternoon pupils must make their way straight to the Canteen/Hall where they will wait till their bell summons them.

No pupil is allowed to leave the school compound during school hours, including recess, without the permission of the Principal.

No pupil is allowed to absent herself from school without permission from the Principal. In case of illness or any emergency, a medical certificate or letter of explanation from either the pupil's parent or guardian must be produced as soon as possible.

The habit of asking permission to leave school in order to bid relations farewell/welcome is greatly deplored. Far too much time is wasted on this and pupils would be much better employed at school.

Silence must be observed:

a) during Assembly
b) in or near the office
c) in or near the Library
d) when moving from one class to another
e) on the stairs
f) once the bell rings at 7.30 a.m/1.20 p.m. and after recess

  1. The highest code of behaviour is expected from every BBGS girl.
  2. Courtesy, sincerity and uprightness should characterise every pupil.
  3. Respect all teachers. Greet them and offer help whenever the opportunity arises.
  4. No pupil is allowed to participate in any outside activity without the permission of the Principal.
  5. No pupil is allowed to linger outside the classrooms or the hall when there is a class in session.
  6. Pupils are to line up as soon as the bell goes and wait for the teachers before entering the classrooms.
  7. No dashing along the corridors and up and down the stairs. Keep to the left when moving up or down the stairs and along corridors.
  8. All books, comics and magazines considered harmful will be confiscated.


  1. All classrooms must be kept clean.
  2. Flowers in the classroom must be fresh and well-arranged.
  3. All pictures should be changed at least once a term.
  4. Charts/diagrams/News items must be up-to-date.
  5. Desks & chairs must be straightened before school begins and during recess.
  6. Chairs must be used properly. No jigging of chairs is allowed
  7. The corridors immediately outside the classrooms must be kept clean by the pupils concerned
  8. Class cleanliness shields for both morning and afternoon sessions are presented weekly to the classes which are considered cleanest.
  9. No pupil may switch on any light or fan before recess in the morning without the teacher's permission. On leaving a classroom all lights and fans must be switched off.
  10. No pupil is allowed to write or draw on the blackboard without the teacher's permission.
  11. All pupils must vacate their classrooms during recess, before and after school and during physical education. No pupil is allowed upstairs during recess.

Pupils are not allowed to use the stage or the piano without permission. No entry to the hall during recess

Sick Room
The clinic is meant for those who are ILL. Anyone who wishes to use it must get the necessary form completed and signed by a teacher. Any girl found in the clinic without a form will be severely punished. No eating is allowed in the clinic.

Every pupil is responsible for the cleanliness of the toilets. Only use the toilet allotted to your class. Report any damage to the office immediately.

All posters on the notice boards must bear the signature of the Principal. All out-dated posters must be removed.

  1. The canteen must be kept clean at all times.
  2. Line up for food. No pushing.
  3. Don't eat behind the canteen.
  4. All bottles and cups must be returned to the counter.
  5. No rubbish is to be left on the tables.
  6. Pupils who stay back after school are not to make noise in the canteen.
  7. Pupils are not to linger in the canteen when the bell rings after recess


Ebbs said...

Nice. :) However, I do not remember seeing this book. Rules were more like passed on verbally.

Unknown said...

i remember the green cover but could not recall the content at all. i still remember miss yap said to us who loves sitting at the front porch before school starts " cover your coffee shop, sit properly". we did wear shorts.

hasniza, form 1-3 yr 1990