Monday, 18 May 2009

Candle 17: Jenny Yim

Hi Joanna,

I sent you a short note via Facebook awhile ago. Would like to give you a few more details about me.

Name : Yim Soo Ling
Joined BBGS primary school I from 1967 - 1972
BBGS secondary school from 1973 - 1977
House : Shirtliff

I was active in the School Choir during the late Mrs. Isobel Wee's time. I will never forget how she taught us how to sing. Everytime we couldn't reach a high note, she will pull up some strands of her hair telling us to go higher.. & higher... !

I remember very well sometime between 1976 - 1977, Mrs. Jegadeva who was my Form V class teacher introduced her friend, Mrs. Joan Lau to our school and thus started the Dance & Movement class. Mrs. Joan Lau was a very reputable ballet dancer from Australia, she married a Malaysian doctor and came to stay in K.L. in Taman Zooview. Those days, she used to bring along her baby boy Christopher to our school when she was giving us dance & movement lessons. We were all learning the five basic ballet steps at age 16 !!! Wow, that really hurt back then!!

She cheorographed a beautiful show for our Choral Speaking Day in 1977 consisting of a short mime from The Blue Danube , a dance from the song My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music, (of which I took part in both), tap dancing from the Carpenters and many more. Last but not least, she even donated a whole trunk of all her old costumes to our school!

To Mrs. Jega & Mrs. Joan Lau, thank you so much for your time, effort and love for all of us at BBGS.

I am now a Brand Consultant for the menswear Italian Brand, CANALI. Have been in the Fashion business for 20 years. Like I told you earlier, the shop is at the Pavilion and if I am not mistaken, the shop that I occupying used to be the school office and Ms.Cooke's office block. I am very touched by each and every old BBGS girl's emotion on wanting to keep the memories of our beloved school alive, even now with the new Pavilion building. Even though BBGS is not there anymore, I feel that everyday when I go to work, I am going back to my beloved school.

Soo Ling

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Unknown said...

Hi Jenny Yim,

Your candle resurrected the BBGS memories which I thought were buried with the demolition. It was so painful that I didn't want to think about them until now. So you still go back to BBGS everyday when you go to work? How nostalgic! Can you sms your name and handphone number to me so that we can drop by your shop when we are there? Hope you can join us when BBGSians gather there for lunch and brainstorming on ways to keep the BBGS spirit alive. Still can't orientate myself in that gigantic mall. SY Phang (012-292 1460) Shirtliff House.