Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Surprises in the mail

Writing a blog is not the easiest job in the world. Especially when your audience comprises passionate women who live up to the highest ideals.

Sometimes, I really have to rack my brain to come up with memories worthy of our beloved school. To do that, I dip into old school magazines and the Centenary publication. An idea forms and is slowly nurtured into a story that is acceptable by BBGS standards. It is a slow and often painful process.

But you know, all the hard work pays off when I start receiving emails from readers far and wide, who tell me how much these blog entries mean to them. Take for example this recent email from Mr. Eric Gray -


Thank you very much for putting Lalitha's poem in the BBGS "blog" site. I am the late Lalitha Gray’s husband. I was very moved to read the poem (also Miss Cooke's words) as it is years since I had seen it.

Reading an account of a Phyllis Thom/Briggs, who was imprisoned by the Japanese during WW2 and recently died at 100 ys:-


Someone reminded me that Miss Glasgow, former Head of BBGS, was likewise imprisoned, and lived to be 100 too. It appears, she also wrote an account of her war imprisonment, for a few friends. I wonder if anyone who reads this site has a copy, which they would not mind sharing (maybe by scanning)?

I see you were one of Soosila and John Hillman's guests in Brisbane. I forwarded the poem to them.

Eric Gray
Bedworth, Warwicks., England

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