Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing all BBGSians a wonderful 2008!

Thanks for your support in making this blog a success. In the last six months, we've had:
  • 785 visits
  • 424 visitors
  • 30 countries
  • 2255 page views
  • No. 5 hit on Google when you type in "BBGS"

I look forward to sharing more memories, songs and stories from BBGS girls and teachers in 2008. Maybe even a reunion with our favourite teachers - wouldn't that be FUN?

May the spirit of BBGS continue to take hold in our lives, and help us to dwell deep in the things that are right and true.

Warmest regards,


1 comment:

Kee Kee 琦琦 said...

hihi Joanna,

thanks so much for all the updates...it's really nice reading them...though like i said, i'm not from your batch and I even only joined BBGS from secondary school but it felt like there's such a strong tie...
...the idea of a reunion dinner with teachers would be so good ;-)
..i hope if it's ever organised i'll be in town to attend...;-)