Saturday, 8 September 2007

CU Camp

Some of my happiest memories of BBGS took place during school holidays at the annual Christian Union (CU) Camp. Every year, about 200 girls would gather to learn Biblical truths, hymns and spiritual disciplines. Apart from attending lectures & craft sessions, we had so much fun running around with our dorm mates.

  • Classrooms were turned into dormitories, and we brought our own mattresses, pillows, bolsters and soft toys to make ourselves really comfortable
  • Showering in make-shift cubicles built around the waterpipes required daily feats of acrobatics. It wasn't easy to juggle soap, shampoo and water while your dorm mates attempted to relieve you of your towel and clean clothes ;-)
  • In an attempt to win the Inter-Dorm Competitions, we performed minor miracles by turning guitars into Santa Claus and soft toys into reindeers!
  • Candlelight Service was a chance for us to show off our acting & singing talents. Many of the finest amateur productions were performed in the school canteen while candles flickered in the balmy night
  • Midnight feasts were the highlight of the camp - chomping on Twisties and assam boey at 2 am was such good fun
  • My mum ran the CU Camp kitchen for 4 years. I remember helping her plan the menu and insisting that kids definitely prefer baked beans over fancy dishes!
  • Our beloved camp teachers led by Ms Moey were a wonderful blessing to so many generations of girls. The truths that we were taught have kept us anchored in the faith while weathering life's storms.
There is no doubt in my mind that CU Camp is one of the enduring legacies of BBGS.

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