Sunday, 8 July 2007

Found - Lim Shu Ling

Lu Meng, Joanna & Shu Ling in Singapore

What's it like to meet up with classmates after 20 years? It's good fun...especially when you're fighting over exotic "chicken bones" yakitori in Singapore. Shu Ling introduced Lu Meng & I to some exotic fare last Friday. We had a good time catching up and re-living silly school stories.

Shu Ling is currently a Public Affairs & Strategic Communications consultant in Singapore. But this pales in comparison to her last job as a pastry chef in Sydney! She spent 9 months in Australia studying for a diploma in baking and earning her stripes baking Ozzie meat pies. Good on ya mate! :-)

Her career to date includes stints with the United Nations, British Broadcasting Corporation and Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

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